The Winery

Wine tastings

The wine is primarily made in the vineyard, which is why we always bring our guests to the vineyard, where we explain how we take advantage of environmental conditions, even though sometimes adverse, to produce the best grapes.

The Pieve di Santo Stefano wine tour brings you to the cellar where we show how the success of winemaking process is due to the talent of the oenologist, but also to his ability to avoid any kind of errors.

During the tasting of our wines, we want to express you how close to the land are our vines —. These wines are in fact the result of the work and passion of the men of Pieve di Santo Stefano.

We regularly organise visits of the vineyards and winery and tasting of our wines by appointment. Max 8 people. We charge only open bottles and you can take them away if you wish to. Wine tasting is free starting from total purchase of 150 euro