The Winery

The work in the cellar

To give the wine the Terroir’s full potential

The grapevine (and especially the Sangiovese) is the plant which above all has the ability to concentrate in the fruit, the soul of the earth that nourishes it. From the grape to the bottle, through all stages of winemaking, our ambition is to produce wines that best express the properties of the soil.

The grapes, harvested by hand and collected in special boxes, are pressed at the end of a rigorous selection process.

The collection of each variety and each plot is vinified separately in order to meet the diversity of the dates of harvest and take advantage of features specific to each micro-plot.

The vinification takes place in steel wine tanks with temperature control.

Few pumpovers are carried out, only during the fermentation phase, in order to avoid over-extraction with consequent too hard and austere tannins. During the maceration phase, the absence of pumping over allows natural substances to be fully extracted from the lees that soften the tannins.

Aging takes place in steel for the company wine, Villa Sardini. The use of wood is modulated according to the type of grape variety so as to never be invasive. This is why we follow the tradition, refining the selected Sangiovese (Ludovico) in large wood (15 and 20 hl oak barrels) and the Bordeaux blend (Lippo) in barrique. Our woods come from the best French tonneliers.

In order to preserve the quality of the wine and increase its aging capacity in the bottle, we have opted for an automated bottling with the highest technology: the bottling is carried out in the absence of oxygen using inert gases. The use of a vacuum corker allows an exemplary corking quality while respecting the wine and the cork at the same time.