The Winery

Working the vineyard

For a high quality of grapes

Because of the diversity of soils and microclimates within our properties, we have carefully planted each vine in the more suitable parcel. For example, the Lippo parcel was found to be ideal terrain for the Sangiovese while the Merlot yields best in the area located around the Romanesque church.

The vineyard’s cultivation, mainly manual, aims to achieve the optimal production level of each variety and parcel in order to create wines that express the originality and specificity of the territory.

To obtain high quality grapes, we adopt a strategy of permanent defense against a demanding environment using avant-garde and eco-friendly techniques.

Bilateral cordon

The vineyards of Pieve Santo Stefano are set for maximum quality. The plant format is 2.40 m by 90 cm with a total of about 5,000 plants per hectare. This enables us to significantly lower the grape load per plant.

The adopted cultivation process uses a bilateral cordon and one of the special characteristics of our vineyards is their average 2.40 m height. This significant increase of the foliar surface enables, through photosynthesis actvity, a better and anticipated maturity of the grapes.

All phases of work, from pruning to harvesting, are done by skilled labor.