The Winery

The Terroir

The promise of a a great Terroir


The geography of the property provides the grape cultivation with a particularly favorable environment: the altitude of the vineyards, between 180 and 290 m, the exposure South-East / South-West, ventilation, the slope between 10% and 20 %, the temperature range marked by the presence of the surrounding woods … all contribute to an optimal grape ripeness and freshness of the wines with the complexity of aromas typical of our terroir.

Geology and pedology

The morphological diversity of soils and subsoils (generally clayey soil, rich in minerals and low in organic matter) on the different parcels of property gives our wines a complementarity of structure and aromatic intensity.

Mediterranean climate

The average number of sunny days is that of Tuscany, but the rainfall is significantly higher in Lucca. The high flow capacity of our soils, natural or reinforced (especially in clay areas), allows us to exploit the water supply at no risk to an appropriate health of the vineyards in order to obtain structure in our wines.

With the area’s rainfall characteristics, limiting the risk of drought, we can confidently address the biggest challenge of Italian viticulture at the dawn of this millennium: the “hydrical stress”. Furthermore, the observed decrease of rainfall over the past thirty years in Lucca, will be a decisive advantage for our terroir and the concentration of our wines.