The History

Villa Sardini

Like other noble families of the Lucchese oligarchy,t he Sardini family built a large villa in the midst of vineyards, olive groves and beautiful gardens “à l’italienne”. The villa Sardini was built in the 18th century from the design of a family member, the architect and historian Giacomo Sardini.

This villa allowed family members to escape the summer heat of the city and supervise the work of their agricultural trade. Moreover the trading and industrial activities in Lucca were in decline and the local economy refocused on agriculture.

The villa Sardinia, whose structure was damaged by a landslide in early 20th century, was unfortunately demolished and the stone used for the construction of farm buildings.

However, aside from an attractive church of 18 th century, there are still important habitable areas, once intended to house the staff of the villa and the fattoria.

The fattoria, the upper floor of the old cellar and several other buildings are beeing restored with great respect for the architectural history of the place and will be devoted to hospitality for tourists and wine enthusiasts.